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Thu 06 October 2011

JNS invites us to their event, "Lecture by Dr. Willem van Gulik" on 1 November 2011.

"JNS will welcome Dr. Willem van Gulik, chairman of the Nederlands-Japanse Vereniging (Netherlands-Japan Association) to hold a lecture and followed by a reception as below. The JNS members and their family/friends are all welcome. The presentation will be in English, and no Japanese translation is available, for your reference.

Fri 16 September 2011

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has a new cultural agenda for September - October 2011 which can be found here in English and here in Japanese.

Fri 09 September 2011

Which are faster, heavy Sumo wrestlers or Olympic sprint champions? Our world turns with electric motors from Mabuchi!

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