The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan (NCCJ) is an independent, non-profit organization representing companies of all sizes who have business interests in Japan.

Currently the NCCJ has 52 member companies that are either Dutch companies or companies that seek business and/or friendship relationships with the Netherlands in general or with Dutch companies in Japan in particular.

The Chamber was officially established in 1978 and has as her primary objective to expand professional and personal networks that facilitate the pursuit of business activities in Japan or the promotion of trade between the Netherlands and Japan. Furthermore the Chamber strives to increase members’ understanding of Japanese business and relevant market practices in Japan to strengthen Netherlands industry, technology and management in Japan.

The Chamber is managed by a board of directors and by sub-committees that focus on a specific area including Membership, Activities, Communication, External Relations and the Deshima Business Awards. The NCCJ welcomes participation of its members in a committee as this creates the opportunity to actively develop and broaden the network of the members as well as contributes to the development of the NCCJ.  

Members interested in joining one of the committees are requested to contact the NCCJ office for more information.

For the statutes of the NCCJ please click here