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Thu 06 October 2011

JNS Event - Lecture by Dr. Willem van Gulik

JNS invites us to their event, "Lecture by Dr. Willem van Gulik" on 1 November 2011.

"JNS will welcome Dr. Willem van Gulik, chairman of the Nederlands-Japanse Vereniging (Netherlands-Japan Association) to hold a lecture and followed by a reception as below. The JNS members and their family/friends are all welcome. The presentation will be in English, and no Japanese translation is available, for your reference.

In the year 2012, it will be the 150th anniversary of Japan’s first diplomatic mission to Europe in 1862, in order to negotiate the opening of the ports of Hyogo and Niigata for foreign trade and residence of foreigners in Edo (now Tokyo) and Osaka. The delegation of forty members headed by ambassador Takenouchi Yasunori (Gaikoku Bugyô) included the famous scholar and Rangakusha Fukuzawa Yukichi who was the chief interpreter of the mission. The stay in the Netherlands during the summer of 1862 included visits to The Hague (Royal Court), Rotterdam and Vlissingen (naval shipyards), Amsterdam (diamond cutting, National Museum, Artis Zoo and main office of the Netherlands Trading Company), Utrecht (Royal Mint, where a special coin was issued commemorating the visit of the Japanese Mission to the Netherlands) and several visits to Leiden city and its University."

For more details please click below. For application form, please login this website or contact NCCJ office.