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Fri 21 April 2023


As part of contributing to the connection between Japan and the Netherlands, the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan (NCCJ) endorses and supports the 'MONO MAKERS PROGRAM' that will launch on May 1. Related to this, NN Life Japan and Japan Cultural Exchange host the “MONO MAKERS PROGRAM” which will provide hands-on support for the collaboration between makers to create a new product.  

The purpose of this program is to develop products that match modern lifestyles by combining Japanese traditional technologies with designers from overseas, and to develop sales channels and raise awareness of the products in Europe and elsewhere. The selected candidates will receive hands-on support until the end of March 2024, including participation in an event to be held in Amsterdam. 

Since 2021, NN Life Japan, which supports Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as a ‘SME Supporter’ has been implementing a program to support the development of new products and overseas expansion in Europe by connecting Japan and the Netherlands, where NN Group is located, through collaboration between Japanese makers of traditional manufacturing industries and designers from overseas. 

This time, by leveraging the connections that NN Life Japan has with SMEs and the knowledge and local network of Japan Cultural Exchange, which has been disseminating and promoting products from Japan in the Netherlands through the MONO JAPAN exhibition and sale, this project will be implemented to support innovation by young craft makers who will lead the future of traditional manufacturing industries. 
For more information, please visit the following website

Call for participants: May 1, 2023 (Mon.) 16:00 - June 9, 2023 (Fri.) 
Selection announcement: Mid-June, 2023 (tentative) 
Hands-on support: Mid-June 2023 - End of March 2024 

Kick-off Event 
A kick-off event will be held prior to the implementation of the program, featuring a lecture by Ms. Emiko Chujo, founder and director of MONO JAPAN, on developing overseas sales channels, a talk by Mr. Akihiko Maeda of Maeda Woodworks, a participant in the ‘Craft Runways 2022’ program, which supports businesses entering the European market and develops products in collaboration with Dutch designers through the program. 

Date: Tuesday, May 9, 2023, 7:00pm - 8:30pm  
Place: ZOOM online 
Cost: Free  
Application and details: (to be released on April 21)
・Lecture on overseas sales channel development and this program - Ms. Emiko Chujo, founder and director, MONO JAPAN
・Practical Talk - Mr. Akihiko Maeda, Wood Sculptor, Maeda Woodworks 
・Panel Discussion - Mr. Akihiko Maeda, Ms. Emiko Chujo
・Outline of the Program 
・Call for Businesses 

NN Life Japan
Japan Cultural Exchange  

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The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan