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Mon 21 June 2021

Approval of Agenda Items at 2020 Annual General Meeting

On the 16th of June 2021, the agenda items of the NCCJ 2020 email based Annual General Meeting were formally resolved by a majority of the votes.

The following 2 agenda items were approved:
1) Election of the 2021-2022 Management Committee
2) Election of the 2021-2022 Auditor

The 2021-2022 NCCJ Management Committee composition will be as follows:
Chairman: Akira Havermans (NN Life Insurance Company)
Vice Chairman: Naoki Shirakawa (Scarabee Aviation Group)
Treasurer: Reiji Matsushima (ING Bank N.V., Tokyo Branch)
Secretary and EBC Liaison: Noriko Negretti Saito(DSM Japan)
Director: Richard van Rooij (Halifax Associates)
Director & Chairman External Relations Committee: Naoki Shirakawa (Scarabee Aviation Group)
Director & Chairman Communications Committee: Maarten Molenaar (MasterMind K.K.)
Director & Chairman Activity Committee: Jorg van Leeuwen (PwC Tax Japan) 
Director & Chairman Membership Committee: Tycho Speekenbrink (NN Life Insurance Company)
Auditor: Toru Ozawa (TMF Group Japan)

The Management Committee would like to thank its members for their cooperation.