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Sat 19 June 2021

TeamNL Tokyo Expo opened, Deshima Business Awards video released

On Monday the 14th of June 2021, the TeamNL Tokyo Expo was opened. The NCCJ had the opportunity to present the Deshima Business Awards to the winners. The video of the opening event can be found here. The Deshima Business Awards part starts from 12:30.

About the TeamNL Expo: TeamNL Tokyo Expo, the business platform where Papendal, NOC*NSF and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offer the opportunity to organize tailor-made (online) events for the benefit of and to stimulate (international) entrepreneurship. Dutch companies, partners, social entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions can meet online with their Japanese trading partners in a unique setting. During the exhibition, attention is paid to urgent issues within the themes of Nexus food-water energy, high-tech innovation and vitality.

The expo will run until the Paralympic Games.

On June 17, the Innovation Parade started, a parade in which products, processes and services are presented that have been developed by Japan and the Netherlands. This 'parade' is a virtual pop-up book, in which the collaboration between the two countries is shown on based upon innovative examples. This is to inspire further innovative collaborations between the Netherlands and Japan.