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Fri 18 August 2017

JMEC 24 Now Open for Applications from Prospective Participants and Project Clients

The JMEC 24 program, which is supported by 18 Foreign Chambers of Commerce and trade organisations in Japan, including ourselves—is now open for applications from prospective new Participants and Project Clients.

JMEC participants will enhance their business planning skills and learn how to write a full-fledged business plan during the course of the program. Close to 1,200 mid career business professionals have by now graduated from the program.

Participant information and application form can be found here:

To get an impression of the program from people who have actually participated, interested candidates can watch these two 2-3 minute videos made by JMEC teams in the recent JMEC 23 program:

JMEC 23 Team Saber Video

JMEC 23 Team Fox Video

If you are a company or entrepreneur, a JMEC team will provide a fresh perspective on your business ​in Japan and provide you with a comprehensive business plan, including market research and analysis, at a very cost-effective rate. With a 23-year track record, JMEC teams have produced more than 225 business plans for companies and entrepreneurs.

Project Client information and application form can be found here:

We encourage you to consider participation in the program and are pleased to continue our chamber support for JMEC.