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Thu 24 November 2016

Event Report: Port of Tokyo Inspection Tour

Event Report: Port of Tokyo Inspection Tour

On November 17, members of the NCCJ took part in an inspection tour of Tokyo’s dynamic waterfront on board the Shin-Tokyo Maru, taking in the city’s sprawling commercial harbor facilities including container loading and cruise line docking facilities.

The tour was organized with the support of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) and the Tokyo Port Promotion Association. Our main host for the afternoon was Mr. Tomoharu Nishihira, PR Director Bureau of Port and Harbor, TMG. 
Nishihira san provided insightful commentary during the almost 2-hour tour, peppered with a good dose of humor.

Tokyo’s port is the largest commercial port in Japan, and is continuously undergoing modernization. In and around its intricate system of seawalls, floodgates and pump stations to protect the city from tsunamis and flood tides, new container terminals as well as under water tunnels for road and transportation continue to expand. As Rainbow Bridge proves too low for the largest cruise ships, a new docking terminal is under construction further out in the harbor. In 2020 Tokyo will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games and Tokyo’s waterfront will host many of the sports activities. Existing and as yet to be constructed marine parks make up part of the Olympic venue, and our tour group had the pleasure of taking it all in during a beautiful sun set. Followed by drinks not to forget.