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Tue 14 June 2016

Event Report: Luncheon Seminar with Orrick

On Monday June 6, 2016 members and guests joined the NCCJ Luncheon Seminar:

"Cyber Security Management Guidelines", Reassessing Corporate Management and Information Security and Preventing Data leaks in M&A and JV Transaction

at the Tokyo office of the global law firm Orrick.

In Japan METI has just formulated the "Cybersecurity Management Guidelines" in December 2015, which requires corporate management, including foreign affiliates located in Japan, to promote cyber security measures under their leadership.

Yoshihiro Takatori, a leading attorney in the field of cybersecurity, showed us that the Increasing number of cyber-attacks are posing great risks to companies not only in terms of business risks, but also legal risks. Yoshihiro Takatori is the author of “Cybersecurity Strategy for Litigation and Compliance” (2015, NTT Publishing). He made the audience aware of the risks and countermeasures which should be taken.

After this Kei Kato showed the audience real examples of recent cases both overseas and in Japan and its consequences.

The luncheon seminar finished with a lively Q & A session guided by Edward “Ted” Johnson.

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