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Mon 27 May 2013

NCCJ Annual General Meeting May 22, 2013

NCCJ Annual General Meeting May 22, 2013

The NCCJ held its annual General Meeting for 2013 on May 22, at the Deshima Lounge in the Netherlands Embassy. A total of about 30 members attended the event.

     Chamber President Hans van der Tang first conducted a review of the past year’s events, and also noted the departures from the board, including Leon Halders, NCCJ vice chairman and the chair of the Deshima Committee; Treasurer Jan Remie; Membership Committee Chairman Bjorn Courage; and Auditor Diederik Ellemeet. He then welcomed the new members of the board, Jan Waninge, Yoji Morishita and Kaoru Inahara.

     The new treasurer, Yoji Morishita, reported on the Chamber's finances and presented the new budget for 2013-2014, and then the committee chairmen gave their presentations, Martin van der Linden for the Activities Committee, Maarten Molenaar for the Communications Committee, Takeo Nishitani for the External Relations Committee and Taco de Vries as the EBC Representative. The Membership Committee currently having no chairman, Hans gave its presentation.

     After the reports, voting was held on several issues. The new Management Committee was unanimous elected by the 11 voting members present. The new committee consists of: Chairman Hans van der Tang; Vice Chairman Taco de Vries; Treasurer Yoji Morishita; Secretary Jan Waninge; and directors Martin an der Linden, Richard can Rooij, Maarten Molenaar, Kaoru Inahara, Takeo Nishitani and Hiroshi Ishiwata. The new auditor, Pieter Janson, was also unanimously elected.

     All attendees then retired to the nearby La Tana di Bacco restaurant for a very pleasant post-meeting aperitif.

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