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Thu 21 March 2013

Support Dutch public health study trip Japan

This summer, twenty medical students of the University of Amsterdam are traveling to Tokyo to learn about different topics regarding public health, including the (medical) history of Japan and the current advantages and difficulties that exists in the Japanese health care system. For this reason, Organizing Committee Study Trip Japan, Medical students association Mozaïek would like to ask you for assistance.

The study trip
The eight-day study trip to Tokyo will take place from the 8th of July till the 16th of July and is organized by medical students association Mozaïek, a medical students' association at the University of Amsterdam involved in raising awareness and attention for various public health issues. In former years the study trip has proven to be an excellent way to learn more about the functioning of global health care systems (students visited Londen in 2011 and San Francisco in 2012).

The goal of the study trip to Tokyo is to gain knowledge about the high-quality Japanese health care system. Since the WHO in 2000 has classified the Japanese health care system as the best known worldwide we think that this study trip contributes to a widened view on the health care system in Japan and the ability to look critically at the Dutch health care system.

In Tokyo, we will receive lectures and workshops regarding our main theme (public health) and subthemes (infectious diseases, an ageing population and disaster medicine) from experts at several different universities and institutes, such as: the University of Tokyo, the Kameda Hospital, Station Clinics, the Japanese Red Cross Society, the Embassy of The Netherlands, and the Tokyo Dental and Medical University. If you are interested in our theme(s) and program in Japan, please find our project proposal.

To be able to organize this study trip, our initiative requires support from companies and institutions both in the Netherlands and in Japan. This support could be financial, but also practical. We have already been able to compose a preliminary program and outline of our study trip. However, we hope to increasingly fill our program with interesting visits in Tokyo. If you would like to help Dutch medical students in increasing their knowledge, whether this is financially or through a visit to your company or helping us in contacting for example your (health care) partners, we would be greatly helped by this.

In return for a financial contribution our committee and the participants could deliver services to your business organization. Here are some examples of services Mozaïek could deliver:
• We would be more than happy, while visiting your business organization, to present some of the knowledge we have gained about our theme(s) and/or to learn more about the products or services the company delivers.
• We could contribute to promotion of your company, amongst others in The Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and at Japanese universities and institutes we will visit.
• We could formulate and answer a research question for your business organization (somehow related to our themes), or we could execute a specific task.
• Of course, we would be open to talk about other services we could deliver to your business organization.
To conclude
After reading this and/or our project proposal, we hope to have gained your interest in our study trip. We strive to create awareness about our initiative, because we believe this project will contribute to the exchange of valuable knowledge about public health between Japan and The Netherlands. It would be fantastic if your organization could be a part of this initiative.
Therefore, if you also believe in the added value of our study trip, if you sympathize with our project, and/or if you think we could contribute something to your organization, we would like to ask you for support. Any contribution would be highly appreciated! 
Several professors, among others professor M. Maas, dean of the medical faculty at the University of Amsterdam, and professor M. Levi, medical director/CEO of the AMC, also support our study trip. Letters of recommendation can of course be sent to you if this would prove to be helpful. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.