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Tulip Festival on Mar 31

Sun 31 March 2024 10:00 - 15:00

Tulip Festival will be held in Minami Ashigara (near Odawara) on March 31.There will be tulip pot distributions, Dutch costume try-on opportunities, Dutch cheese for sales and also poffertjes (Dutch traditional sweets) will be distributed.

In Odawara and its surroundings, there is a large community of former Fuji Film employees that have a strong connection with the Netherlands. Many of them have worked and lived in the Netherlands before.

Therefore, the city is hosting an annual tulip festival in Minami Ashigara. This is a sister city of Tilburg in the Netherlands. Besides the Netherlands related activities, there are also activities planned to learn more about Japanese language and culture. For more details and the location, you can check from HERE.