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Lotgenoten Luncheon meeting "Sexual Harassment and Power Harassment in Japan"

Thu 15 November 2012 12:00 - 14:00
Very Best Law Offices
2,000JPY (lunch and soft drinks will be served)

Have you ever wondered how other managers cope when facing the same challenges that you face in your day-to-day business in Japan? Do you feel that you and others could benefit from sharing experiences of doing business in this unique and challenging market? Then the NCCJ is pleased to invite you to LOTGENOTEN on 15 November 2012.

If you are not Dutch, you may wonder what is LOTGENOTEN? The official translation mentions “fellow sufferers” or “partners in misfortune”, albeit with a smile; we prefer to talk about “Partners in Circumstance”. Everybody faces challenges in Japan. It would seem to make sense to learn from each others’ successes as well as failures and hopefully speed up the learning curve. That is what LOTGENOTEN is all about.

For our next Lotgenoten session the main theme will be “Sexual Harassment and Power Harassment (Bullying in the work place) in Japan”. Have you ever heard the Japanese words “seku hara” and “pawahara”? What kind of action constitutes sexual harassment and power harassment? Is this action OK in the work place? Can my case win in court? What does a company do in such cases of harassment?

Our Lotgenoten luncheon meeting’s agenda will be:
- Quiz – Which party would win this case?
- Discussion – What is harassment and what is not, and what are the borderlines of harassment?

The culture and working environment in Japan can be quite different from other countries. We will discuss the differences in the culture and how to avoid unnecessary disputes by understanding legal rights and wrongs in Japan.

The moderator for this session is Ms. Saori Ikeda, Partner at Very Best Law Offices in Tokyo. She was formerly employed by a hotel asset management company at Morgan Stanley (Panorama Hospitality KK), and worked at a French law firm and a German law firm in Tokyo, and at Japanese law firms. She now advises on all aspects of corporate matters, such as labor law issues, intellectual property matters, commercial contracts, corporate governance and others.

This event is open to NCCJ members, employees of member companies and prospective members only. 
Numbers are limited to 15 people to encourage maximum participation amongst participants.
Everything discussed is strictly OFF THE RECORD.