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Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup in 2013

Fri 04 October 2013

We are pleased to announce that the 11th North America - Europe Golf Challenge in Japan, the Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup 2013, will be played on Friday, 4 October, at the same venue as in previous years, the Atsugi Kokusai Country Club in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The organizing task-force and Mercedes Benz Japan are working hard to make the event a memorable one for all participants. Similar to last year JLPA pros will join us on the course and there will also be an "after-party", free for all players with spouses at, the Mercedes-Benz Connection in Nogizaka (close to Tokyo Midtown) on the week after the event.

The registration for the event has now been opened. The participation fees are same as last year, i.e. a 3,000 yen non-refundable registration fee and a 21,000 yen fee (paid to the club) for the play, caddie, lunch and party and a lot of great prizes, for a total of 24,000 yen. Note that bus transportation is free for the 40 first to sign-up for it.

Sponsoring the event
If you want to promote your company through this event, and its web site, please sign up as a sponsor. Sponsors who sign up now will have the additional benefit of getting a full one year exposure on the web site (until we open the 2014 site). In addition to visibility on the web site, the sponsors will be included in printed material produced for the event, such as posters, information guide to players and the pocket guide, as well as at the prize ceremony and party after play. Sponsors will also be promoted at the “after-party” at Mercedes-Benz Connection.
Your contribution could be either money or goods/services. Sponsorship starts from 40,000 yen (100,000 yen in goods/services).

The organizing task-force has continued to work closely with the club to reduce costs, so all surplus from the event will be donated to charity along with the presently established charity fundraising activities.
For more details, see the web site.
To sign-up as player and/or sponsor, please go to: