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Mon 13 April 2015

Job Vacancy

The NCCJ is looking for a person to fill the following position

Tasks: Reporting of NCCJ Events; Publishing NCCJ website content.
Objective: to keep event related news of consistent and high quality in line with the quality standards of the NCCJ’s communication platform; post events in a consistent, professional, and timely way.

Candidate may be a young professional, student or other capable person interested.
Requirements: shown experience or skills to report events and source and edit news content; availability to attend one event per month (mostly early evening; sometimes breakfast hours; sometimes lunch time). Candidate will be reporting to the NCCJ Communication Committee; instructions regarding the character of the news content will be issued by the Committee.

Modest remuneration will be offered in combination with the opportunity to high-level networking, as well as to participate in the events themselves.

Interested candidates please contact the NCCJ office at